Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth - what we do

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Friends of the Earth is the world's most extensive grassroots network working for environmental justice - that means ensuring a fair share for everyone now and in the future while looking after our planet.


Our Successes Are Your Successes

With the support of people like you, and backed by Friends of the Earth's careful investigation and research, Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth has achieved many successes since it was set up in 1987.

These include:

Establishing recycling facilities

Instigating legal action over the Sea Empress oil spill

Defeating proposals to burn orimulsion at Pembroke power station

Successfully opposing the dualling of the A40

Lobbying for the Climate Change Act

Actively supported the successful application for the Wear Point wind-farm

Persuaded the EC to investigate the wasteful and damaging new power station at Pembroke

As well as campaigning on local issues, we've supported many FoE national and international campaigns over the years, lobbied politicians, given countless talks to all sorts of groups, organised public meetings/ exhibitions, encourage people to adopt greener lifestyles, and consistently ensured that environmental issues are featured prominently in the local media.


As a supporter of Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth you will

Receive regular information keeping you up-to-date with local and national activities.

Be able to support campaigns on important local and national issues, challenging the policies of our Local, Welsh and Westminster governments.

Help people make lifestyle changes to reduce their environmental impact

And, if you want to get more involved, join our team planning these activities and campaigns.


Join Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth today

and become part of a powerful force for

environmental change

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