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A Just Recovery?  1st June 2020

Both Christiana Figueres and Peter Lacey argued that the business community is ready for the change but what is needed is an increase in sophisticated policy and regulatory mechanisms and a shift in government spending. 

Here in Wales we do have the Future Generations Act and the commissioner, Sophie Howe, has recently published a report. But without pressure from all around the world we will miss this opportunity for real change.

So what can we do:

As individuals Jonathan Boston, Professor in the Wellington School of Business and Government, who advises the New Zealand government on their policy for future generations, suggested three things, not flying, going electric and not eating meat, to which I would add plant a tree.

Caroline Lucas called for us all to write to our MP’s asking them to support the private members’ bill which would introduce similar legislation in the UK.

Go to and tell the Welsh Government how you want the funds, which will hopefully replace EU spending, to be used in the future. 

Lobby MP’s to ensure trade deals do not lower environmental standards, no return to being the dirty old man of Europe and the continued destruction of nature with loss of biodiversity.

Demand that pensions and institutions diversify funds away from fossil fuels, which is increasingly a prudent financial decision.

And finally unite with determined optimism to demand a just recovery


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