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Doubling Tree Cover  6th Jan 2020

Over the centuries the UK’s forests have been cleared – leaving us with fewer trees to help protect us from climate breakdown. We’re already seeing the devastating impact of flooding in communities across Yorkshire and the Midlands. More trees can help mitigate flood risk.
Councils often own large expanses of land with space for more trees. But some councils seem more interested in chopping them down, rather than letting them be and growing new ones. This has to change.
Ask Pembrokeshire to expand tree cover to help tackle the climate and ecological emergency. This not only helps to mitigate cliamate change but it priovides habitat, helps to prevent flooding, and reduces pollution of our rivers from run off. This policy is particularly imnportant in Pembrokeshire where we are faced with losing millions of trees to ash die back. 
I’ll add my voice:-
There has been a massive response so far. It’s helpful for us to see how councillors are reacting to the campaign, so please forward their responses to 
The next steps: a few tips for getting back to councillors who’ve replied to you:
  1. Thank them for their reply.
  2. Ask them to introduce a council motion that commits to doubling local tree cover.
  3. Send them our briefing for councillors. It explains how councils like Hackney and Bristol are finding the land and money to commit to doubling tree cover. Just share this link in your reply:

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