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Anti Trump Demo  13th July 2018

In the wake of complete moral failure from our elected representatives on the Heathrow vote (415:119 in favour of the third runway - more on that here), in two weeks the government will roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump.

We believe that it's really important that climate activists (and everyone else!) get out onto the streets to protest his visit, and if possible make it down to the national demonstration in London on the afternoon of Friday 13th.

Why? One year ago, he announced US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. While other countries may have a shameful record on implementing climate action, only Trump has stood up to say that his country will withdraw completely. We can only successfully act on climate change globally, recognising our common humanity. The man who calls immigrants an 'infestation' and incarcerates toddlers also denies any responsibility for those suffering from climate change now and in the future - racism and fossil fuel cronyism a toxic mix.

Pick up points;
Fishguard Town Square - 6.00 AM
Haverfordwest Bus Station - 6.30 AM
Carmarthen Bus Station - 7.15 AM
Swansea West Services, M4, MOTO - Penllergaer, 7.45 AM


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