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Pembrokeshire FoE - 30 years on the front line  28th June 2017

Amongst the many successes were -

Bottle banks and other recycling facilities locally

Cleaner beaches and seas

Preventiing the burning of dirty orimulsion

Preventing inappropriate landfull sites

Helping with Sea Empress oil disaster

Keeping Pembs free of GM crops

Supporting appropriate windfarms

Alongside these local issues, Pembs FoE has also supported many national and international campaigns, and raised public awareness of environmental issues. 

A small group of volunteers have, for over three decades, ensured that Pembrokeshire FoE has put into practice the founding philosophy of FoE, “Think Globally, Act Locally”. Past successes will have to be replicated in the future if we are to play our part in protecting and enhancing the natural environment, which is our life support system, at the local and global level.

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