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The General Election  8th June 2017

It has also been apparent that environmental issues have not featured in this election, Roger Harrabin in The World this Weekend put this down to worry overload and the influence of the right wing media in particular the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. (To listen to his piece click here it starts at 28mins 40 secs) We also feel that all the Parties are failing to highlight the importance of these issues. As Harrabin pointed out great minds like Steven Hawkins see climate change as the greatest existential threat the human race faces.

In a personal view Gordon James looks at The Nuclear Question and the Election, while he focuses on Labour Party policy it is only fair to point out that all the main political parties and UKIP are supporting nuclear power. Particularly disappointing are the Welsh Liberal Democrats as the rest of their policies are excellent. (see statement from the local candidate) We understand that Plaid Cymru is in favour of a new nuclear power station at Wylfa, despite the party leader, Leanne Wood, being opposed to new nuclear. This is because Wylfa is an important employer on Anglesey, a marginal seat.

What does this all mean for Friends of the Earth supporters?

We need to raise the profile of the environment and ask questions, go to the FOE ENIW website for ideas and  email your questions to candidates.

Liberal Democrat Response

UKIP Response

Profile for Marc Tierney

Profile for Alistair Cameron

The Nuclear Question and the Election

Preseli Pembrokeshire candidates need to be made aware of Egnedol's proposed biomass plant at Blackbridge . Ask candidates to commit to end the subsidy for waste incineration and gasification which is hugely inefficient, polluting and burns much that is recyclable and reusable. Instead give support for community renewable energy projects by reinstating subsidies for renewables.

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