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Objections needed to Blackbridge plant  13th May 2016

Please object to Egnedol's Environmental Impact Assessment for a biomass and waste gasifier. Responses must be in no later than 20th May
Biofuelwatch has published a critical report claiming that it is a "high risk, unproven technology," and casting serious doubt on the company's ability to successfully operate such a plant. Biofuelwatch's report highlights how similar attempts to build gasifiers in the UK have failed, and outlines the health and safety risks associated with the technology.
It also points to the fact that Egnedol has no track record with any power station scheme, anywhere, ever, and has provided no evidence of having any expertise in operating such an unproven and highly challenging technology.
The Biofuelwatch website has an online email with sample text for your objection - please personalize this text if you have time.

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