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Say No to Experimental Gasification plant at BlackbridgeSay No to Experimental Gasification plant at Blackbridge

Egnedol has applied for planning permission to build a large biomass and waste Gasification Plant in Blackbridge, Milford Haven.  There are huge concerns regarding this plant, from the risks of explosion and high air pollution, and increased transport of fuel.  The company has no track record of using this technology, and no company has yet made this technology work in the UK.  The public has until 2nd February 2017 to send in objections to this application.


Leading Politicians to Speak Up on Climate ChangeLeading Politicians to Speak Up on Climate Change

Two leading Welsh politicians, Eluned Morgan AM and Simon Thomas AM, have agreed to give a high priority to climate change issues at the Welsh Assembly following recent meetings with members of Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth.


Dyfed Reinvest - divestment campaignDyfed Reinvest - divestment campaign

It's time to get Welsh pensions and public money out of fossil fuels!  Pembrokeshire County Council, as part of the Dyfed Pension Fund, has an astonishing £64.8m of public money directly invested through workers’ pension funds in fossil fuel companies like BP and Shell, with a further projected £76.5m in indirect fossil fuel investments.

We think that fund members and taxpayers won’t be happy to learn that their money is tied up with such a risky and polluting industry that contributes so greatly to climate change.


EU referendumEU referendum

In or out that is the question

For Friends of the Earth the main focus is the impact of the EU on our national and global environment. In the 70’s and 80’s Britain was known as ‘the dirty man of Europe’ spewing out sulphur dioxide and dumping raw sewage into the sea. Some argue that we would have improved this anyway, but the reality is that EU directives forced the British Government to act. The Haven itself was designated as a SAC by the EU.

So what would happen if we leave?


Action at Ffos-y-Fran opencast coalmineAction at Ffos-y-Fran opencast coalmine

Activists and local residents organised a camp and mass trespass to close the Ffos-y-Fran opencast coal mine near Merthyr recently.  They are hoping that by drawing attention to the site, the Welsh Government is less likely to grant planning permission for the Nant Lesg extension, or that at least that the company will decide that security costs of guarding the extension from protesters make it commercially non-viable.


Objections needed to Blackbridge plantObjections needed to Blackbridge plant

Please object to Egnedol's Environmental Impact Assessment for a biomass and waste gasifier. Responses must be in no later than 20th May
The above website has an online email with sample text for your objection - please personalize this text if you have time.


Next meeting

Thurs 6th April 7.30pm
in Narberth

Email info@
foepembrokeshire.org.uk for directions


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