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AGM 2017AGM 2017

Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth AGM

Thursday 30th November, 6.45pm,

Seminar Room, Bloomfield, Narberth

Followed by refreshments and at 7.30pm a showing of

COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret


Hinkley Point C Rising CostsHinkley Point C Rising Costs

Chris Jessop recently wrote to the Guardian to outline why Hinkley Point represents such a bad deal for the consumer and the environment.


Pembrokeshire FoE - 30 years on the front linePembrokeshire FoE - 30 years on the front line

Pembrokeshire is renowned for its stunning coastal scenery, varied wildlife and other aspects of its superb natural environment. Yet, over the last three decades, it has been in the front line of one environmental controversy after another, not least because of the presence of a large oil and gas industry at the heart of its coastal National Park. Pembrokeshire FoE has taken a lead role throughout, working closely with colleagues at the FoE Cymru and FoE London offices when extra support was needed.

From the setting up of a one-day a week paper recycling trailer in the town, in 1987, to the current campaign against proposals for large biomass and waste Gasification Plant in Blackbridge, Milford Haven, find out more about what the group has done over the last 30 years.

Read the full report of our 30 years of campaigning


The General ElectionThe General Election

We are disappointed that with the very tight time frame for this election we have not been able to arrange a hustings in Narberth to raise the important environmental issues facing Pembrokeshire, the UK and the world, particularly in the face of Brexit which is in danger of resulting in the UK abandoning many of the environmental standards imposed by the EU. Many us recall when the UK was dubbed the 'Dirty Old Man of Europe' noted for its sewage filled beaches and its sulphur emissions which devastated conifer forests.
In view of this we have requested a response from the candidates. To date we have had a response from Alistair Cameron, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Candidate. Marc Tierney has also responded to say that he is hoping to hold a Facebook 'live' event at which he will welcome questions from FoE members.

We are still awaiting a response from the other candidates.


Local Elections May 2017Local Elections May 2017

Friends of the Earth Cymru have issued some useful guidance on the forthcoming local elections next week, to help you to question candidates on what they are likely to do in office to do to improve our social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being, and help shape a sustainable future.  They also outline 10 proposals to promote our well-being.


Say No to Experimental Gasification plant at BlackbridgeSay No to Experimental Gasification plant at Blackbridge

Egnedol has applied for planning permission to build a large biomass and waste Gasification Plant in Blackbridge, Milford Haven.  There are huge concerns regarding this plant, from the risks of explosion and high air pollution, and increased transport of fuel.  The company has no track record of using this technology, and no company has yet made this technology work in the UK.  The public has until 2nd February 2017 to send in objections to this application.


Next meeting

Thursday 2nd November at 7.30pm
at Llanfallteg

Email info@
foepembrokeshire.org.uk for directions


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